Curb your Enthusiasm

Serious about chastity, fed up playing with tiny cages and plastic gadgets ? Join the serious guys and get the real thing, move to a secure belt, now.

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BELT001 : The Product

A chastity belt, made to measure, designed to last, a compact design for more discretion, an assured comfort, all in metal. Overall weight: 1 Kg

Butt hole
Penis tube
Cleaning system
Urinal hole

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What the Users Say!

You too share a satisfaction, even the simplest one that you could have had with FetishTools and its team.

The sensation is a tight bondage and a great security.

It’s been a few weeks for the moment I wear that belt.

It is adapted to the everyday life, for the skin (it is better to depil the base of the penis) and for the mind, It is pure joy 🙂 I try to be quiet, because at every time I’m aroused, my penis is compressed and cannot erect.

Ultimate outfit for serious cuckolds and proud hotwifes.

We’re heading to Tampa tomorrow for our first BBC house party. The wife is pretty excited. She’s been trying on different outfits all night looking for the perfect look.

For me it won’t be hard to figure out which outfit I will wear as I a m proudly wearing my belt.

My hubby was a bit reluctant at the begining…

After 10 years of marriage, I decided to spice up my life.

I bought this little jewel for my husband and did not regret it! It spices up our intimate life and reassure me about his fidelity. I get sooo much attention since he adopted it.

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