Our first belt model is the result of research and testing to create a model that is not only pleasant to wear but also to look at.

We have decided to mix metal 3d printing in addition to traditional manufacturing methods such as cutting, welding, or folding (list not exhaustive).

This is our first model, and we want to offer an alternative to the belts currently on the market by innovating and proposing new shapes and/or materials that are now made possible thanks to technological progress.

Some technical and practical elements: the belt is entirely made of metal, which is still a relatively rare experience in chastity, and we offer it for even greater security, and to demonstrate comfort over time without the use of any other materials.

The locking system combines discretion and efficiency, with a key to lock it in place (we are working on disruptive locking methods and products soon to be revealed).

Finally, as with any belt, it must be solid and difficult to remove without the key without serious means (to say that it is inviolable would not be honest, one can always get out of it with the right tools) 🙂


Don’t wait any longer, contact us for more details, and maybe an acquisition for you?

FetishTools Team