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Whenever you like to order our BELT001, get it tweaked to your needs or even get something totally crazy developed for you, you are covered.



Reserve your own custom chastity belt. Paying this amount will assure your spot in our production line (499€ deposit + 2nd payment 900€ at delivery)

  • Custom made
  • Adjustable belt
  • 2mm belt thickness
  • 6-8 weeks delivery
  • Free delivery

Custom belt


Contact our brave team and get your own fetishtools project developed exclusively. We will answers all your questions and build based on your input, THE custom belt/cage you ever dreamed of. Don’t be shy.

  • Custom made
  • Anything possible
  • Choose your material/colors
  • Add features (anything goes)
  • Name engraved
  • Get it prototyped
  • You name it !

Frequently Asked Questions

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Find here all FAQ about reservation and payment of your product.
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With your measurements in hand and upfront payment validated on our side, we can start manufacture your device. We guarantee a less than 2 month delivery of your product.

As it is an artisanal product. You can understand that we will take human and machine time to build the product based on your own anatomy. This is not an industrial process, each part is measured, cut and adapted to your measures. Then we hand polish, assemble and QC each belt manually. This means that we need to get paid before we start working on your belt, as we cannot afford loosing time and material.

We will provide you a measurement guide and will make sure you understand and fill it properly. As we are 3D metal printing the front shield you need to understand that the product cannot be returned or exchanged once production starts. So be concentrated when you take your measurements. Most of our early testers are happy with the size of their belt as our measurement guidelines have been successfully validated.

Our in-house artisans have a wide spectrum of skills. We are specialized in high quality custom made metalwork. We can design original products to fit your needs. The validated prototypes can be made of different materials (metal, wood, leather, plastics…) we can also work on electronic/connected devices on hardware and software with our kink friendly developers. Anything is possible.

Our main products are designed, prototyped and made in Europe. Some 3D parts are printed in USA and CN. Depending on the country we deliver we might assemble and send from different locations. We will share this information with you when you place your order.

We are here to stay. This business is a niche, we cannot afford to deliver low quality products as we are passionate and meticulous people. We have to stand out from competition with customer service, quality and communication. Therefore we need to be trusted to survive in this world, and we will do what is needed.

We know and understand that discretion is key in this business. That is why we ask for the minimum data from you and that we do not keep or share this informations. We also make sure payment and delivery are done in full agreement with you (neutral packaging) we discuss this topic and follow your rules so you are perfectly safe with your privacy.

Yes we will make your quote in your own currency.