Why would you want to wear a chastity belt?

For as long as I can remember I have been attracted to chastity without ever really knowing why. I thought chastity belts were beautiful. It was only later that I started to be interested in it from a psychological point of view as well.

Being unable to satisfy sexual urges, an activity that was previously so innocuous, is an unsettling experience, both challenging and frustrating.

The fact of entrusting your sex life to the person who will hold the key, of knowing that you will no longer be able to satisfy yourself by yourself.

There is something particularly pleasing and exciting about this idea.

There is also the moral commitment that wearing this instrument represents to the person who puts it on.

The pleasure of wearing it for someone, of feeling both owned by the person and dispossessed of that part of your body that no longer belongs to you.

For me one of the most intense moments of my life was when I was told: “You will go home, you will put on your belt and you will never touch your penis again”

At these words I felt my desire rise, the idea of never being able to touch my sex again and satisfy myself had something of the order of a dream, a dream that was going to come true.